Dec 15, 2012

Those three words.

Sssup guys!
Minta maaf blog aku huru hara dan tak tersusun sebab aku kurang fasih dengan blogger baru ni.
Sooo, aku cuti start dari hari Rabu sampai lah Ahad so aku ambil kesempatan ini untuk balik ke JB dan jumpa orang tersayang.
Anywayyyy, aku nak mengarut hari ni, lantak lah hang nak baca ke tak itu hang punya pasal.
So I just finished watching the movie P.S I love you (2007) starring Gerard Butler as Gerry and Hilary Swank as Holly.

And I cried, weep-ed the whole 2 hours because the movie is just too sad for me to handle even though I'm a fully grown man and not to forget an awesome one too *whaddup
I mean, imagine someone you love, someone you really love somehow leave you and the ghost of him/her haunts you and they'll never go away for some period of time.
I'm trying to put myself in Holly's shoes and experience the thing myself and yes, that is when I started to weep.
Imagine, just imagine your future husband/wife or your parents died in front of you because of a disease and everyday you woke up feeling that they are still here, hugging you from the behind or preparing breakfast for you or even play guitars for you even though it makes no sense at all.
Oh and they'll leave some letters for you to keep steering you to the right path and at the very end of  each and every one of the letters there will be 

"P.S. I love you"

People around you will continue living their life and be happy and you still weep to sleep every freaking night.
You can't do anything about it and eventually, you'll find your way back by following his/her guidance from the letters.
I don't know why, but this movie actually hits me more than I think it would, I mean, all of my loved ones are healthy and still breathing till this very second but the question is, Why?
I don't really cry so easily when I'm watching movies but this movie somehow is the very exception of all the movie that I watched.
Maybe I'm missing someone? Nope
Maybe I'm missing the feeling to be loved? Perhaps
Maybe the person that I love walk away soooo easily out of my life? I don't know
I've move on. She's not in my mind and my life anymore,so why even bother thinking about someone you barely even care of, right?
At least she's happy with her own decision, I think.

A little update on my current situation, I actually had this crush on a girl from Intec.
A bit too fast to find a replacement I think? Nahhhhh 3 months of single life is long enough, aku rasa lah.
Well, she had such beautiful eyes (contact lenses? I don't know), cute(very), easy-going, friendly (but not too friendly), a gamer (FIFA 13 and NFSMW2 bro,whaddup!), knows how to cook (only 2 or 3 dishes,seems good enough for me),  car enthusiasts (The Porsche Panamera is her favorite, not a bad taste for a woman) and she loves football (Chelsea and Menyu though,why not ARSENAL?!!!)
She's taking accounts or business studies idk but InShaAllah will be going to USA next year, oh and she's wearing a hijab too which is a big deal for a guy like me.
She's perfect from my point of view but is she the one for me? I don't know.
She's in love with another guy though, but the guy is actually in love with someone else, which makes me in love with a woman that is in love with another guy that is in love with another woman and the chain goes on and on.
How twisted our love life can be, isn't?
You may end up loving someone's wife or even someone's fiance or even screw up someone's wedding by stealing the bride from the altar like Ted Mosby does.
The girl that I like probably didn't know that my blog even exist so, tulis lah dengan penuh semangat tanpa kebimbangan.
Well, I think I should stop here, its 3.40 a.m. and I'm still wide awake with my laptop and a song from OCK - Colours still playing on my earphones.
Goodnight owls!
Have a nice day ahead!

P.S. Those three words are? Guess what :)

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  1. Did she know that you like her? Maybe you were meant for someone else? ✨



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