Oct 23, 2012

Asia Pacific Edge Day !

Assalamualaikum and hello there!
A good day this is indeed!
So,hari ni aku nak cerita pasal Asia Pacific Edge Day yang berlangsung semalam dekat MCPA Hall,Jalan Maharajalela,Kuala Lumpur!

So this gig is all about celebrating the world Edge Day which held every 17 October every year,tapi 17th October kan tak cuti,so they hold the gig sampai 21st October baru diorang buat which is yesterday.
Edge Day is a day celebrated throughout the world,it is a day without intoxication which means Drug-free,Alcohol-free,Sex-free and Smoke-free day.
Straight Edge is a bunch of kids who choose to live positive and fuck all the negative things through their music,and I'm proud to say that I'm a Straight Edge,its been 3 years now since I've become an Edge,and yes,it is fun and easy!

This show is not an ordinary show that contains violent music and dancing,no.
It is actually a fundraising for the Transit shelter in Kg. Subang, "Pangsapuri Sri Purnama" for the kids there.They lived their daily life w/o basic needs like toys,clothing,shoes,books and computers.Some of em need money for Heart Operations and medical needs.Some of them even didn't go to schools cause of financial difficulties.

Second Combat sedang beraksi

People can bring their unwanted items to the show and give em to the organizer,they will send the donations after the show is over.
Mesti korang rasa aku tak donate bukan?
Aku donate beg UIA dan juga baju UIA sebab aku tak pakai pun beg dengan baju tuu,dah berhabuk dah pun atas locker,so better give em to the ones in need bukan?
Baik kan aku?
Aku ade jugak bagi Tee sehelai,aku jarang pakai jugak,so bagi je lah.
So this is the Drug Free Youth Association led by Ein from Second Combat
Click the above links to go to their respective pages.

Aku tak tau nama diorang,tapi Ein SC yang pakai topi biru yang comel-comel tuu.Hahahahah!Oh and btw,the chick back there is smoking hot!LULZ!

These people are what we need in society nowadays,not some people who talk too much but in the end they've done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in making the world a better place.
Why do the society steer away from us just because we are different?
This is a disease that infected our society since forever.
Society should stop judging and blaming the kids for no reason,at least we are fucking trying,what have YOU done?
Eh apebenda yang aku nak marah tetiba ni?

Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG) sedang beraksi

Hardcore is against racism,sexism,discrimination and everything that fucked up in life.
There's nothing negative about hardcore,some people say it's just a genre,but for us it is something more,it is our life,it's in our blood.
Ein dedicated his life for the hardcore scene,he's a straight edge and hate the fact that drugs are killing the youth of today slowly,he took the initiative to tubuhkan DFYA and began to distribute the registration form for the membership,aku tak tau the exact amount of memberships tapi ramai lah yang pasti.
Ein is truly an inspiration to all the people out there,there's only a number of people that willing to do what the people like Ein do to the society.
Much respect from me Ein,sorry tak tegur,segan.
Have Heart,a legendary band from US pun buat fundraising macam ni untuk persatuan ibu tunggal dekat US,show yang dia buat fundraising tuu lah last show diorang sebelum RIP.

Have Heart,the one and only.

Sampai di sini sajalah aku punya mengarut,kalau aku teruskan mengarut aku dah boleh buat Zine dah sebenarnya.
Oh and aku dapat release some steam lepas masuk show ni,hilang sikit tekanan hidup.
Okay,have a nice day people!
Stay drug free,smoke free and alcohol free!
Happy Edge Day to the SxE out there!
X fists up!


  1. mane nk dpt pic2 kt event 2 eak?

  2. hg straight edge ke ? Kental, kental !. Hahah



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