Aug 5, 2014

Blue Sands

Its been quite a while now since the last post, been busy working and studying for the past year.
Well, here it is! The post that most of you are waiting for!
Most of you are a bit exaggerating, maybe you or a bunch of google addicts that found my blog just by searching about random things that may included in your search results are the only ones that are here, or is here. Nevermind.
What should we talk about for now?
Hmmmm, the title "Blue Sands" is from Yuna's long lost EP or Demo which released in god-knows-when, its been around for years now and my favorite one too.

I don't know, this song hits me much much more than other songs do, it is so strong till I miss someone that doesn't even exist in my life, explain that.
And not to forget Deeper Conversation, that shit gets me high, higher than Wizzy or Snoopy, it just somehow carries me into a different world, a floating world to be exact, I can't explain that in words, it just happens, every single time!

The phrase "I miss someone that doesn't even exist in my life" is true, somehow I miss the emptiness somewhere in myself, that missing puzzle piece in my life or heart I don't know.
Everytime I listen to these two songs I just became, empty.
Empty, just empty, no other additional feelings.
It feels good tho, feels like I'm immortal or something just because I can be a feeling-less person for around 3 mins plus.
Sometimes, I can imagine how would the person missing in my life looks like, no Im not high, seriously.
A bit tall, a shy shy-cat kinda person, a good cook, a beautiful thinker (thinks about beautiful things duh), LOVE CATS, I don't know, something like that I suppose.
Single is freaking good, I've seen my friends a bit depressed about their love life here and there and then here I am, holding a cigarette between my lungs just chillin because there's nothing to be afraid of or to be taken care of.
I mean, yes there are something that needs to be done but none of it disrupt me most than comforting the so-called the love of my life.
Sheesh, I aint got no time fo dat.
Disrupt is not the suitable description for that, it is something else, can't find the right words for that so move along now.

Right, now.
So, that's it I guess.

Nope, still going, 3.37 a.m now, need to end this asap.
Right, continue.
I don't know is the most common answer that I can acquire for now, because, I don't know.
See what I mean?
I don't know about my surroundings, the people, the observers, the disrupt-er, the judge, the jury, the whole world.
I just can't give a fuck about most of the things happened around me, because, I don't know.
The answer is still the same, I don't know.
My journal is untouched for a month now, nearly two months just because there's nothing extraordinary happened lately, there is something but it is not worth the ink to write in the journal.
So, here I am, on my public journal.
My private journal consist of the secret life of me, the launch codes of nuclear missiles of Malaysia, the recipe for the KFC chicken and you.
Nah just kidding, there's no "You" in my journal, the others are true tho.
What am I saying.
Well, off to bed now.
Got to get to work around 2 p.m tomorrow.
Chop chop.
See you soon.



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