Nov 3, 2014

Mixing, compiling, hybridizing, synthesizing.

Have you ever wondered how Love looks like? What is it anyway? A feeling? A person? Or just a mere illusion that most of us addressed that certain something as Love?
For me, love is not exactly a feeling, love is something else, certainly not a person because of obvious reasons, not really an object, it is certainly an abstract, you can't touch it, but you can feel it inside.
You cant explain that feeling, really. It is so soothing like a hot chocolate in the winter, a warm blanket in a stormy weather, something like that, you get the idea.

I have a theory about love, Love is not a feeling, not like the others, sadness, happy, sombre, content and etc. It is a mixture of feelings, you have to mix and match all of the basic feelings and then, poof the feeling of Love is born. We, humans, are too busy searching for Love, the perfect article of Love, you cant find Love anywhere with that kind of approach, you need to find each and every one of the required feelings just to find Love, and yes it is not that easy.

You see, each and everyone of us loves different kind of feelings. For instance, some of us treasure the feeling of being wanted, while some of us don't, some of us treasure solitude, while some of us treasure companionship. You have to find the one that fits you, the one that makes you feel every feelings that you love when you look at them, when you hold them in you arms, when you hear her or his voice, everything.

Love is weird and mysterious, love can be transitioned into hate with a single twist, or even a word, it is that simple. Love can be your only source of energy, just because you are one clingy son of a peach that needs attention more than anything, clingy is good tho, dont get me wrong. Love can be your life savior, he or she may be your knight in shiny armor or a woman that knows one or two martial arts that can carry your ass wherever you go. Love can be both dangerous and harmless, you have to choose which one that you have to hurt, either you or your other half, there's no such thing as a win-win situation, or you both can be harmless by being passive such as respecting and obeying one another which is a myth that no one has ever seen.

The search for love is a never-ending quest, the moment when you feel like yielding is the moment where somebody else will enter your life, he or she might be the one, or maybe not, you have the option to ignore or to entertain, choose wisely.

Sebenarnya nak study tetiba pulak terbukak blogger then post pasal binatang ni, bodoh betul.
Till then.

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