Nov 3, 2014

Mixing, compiling, hybridizing, synthesizing.

Have you ever wondered how Love looks like? What is it anyway? A feeling? A person? Or just a mere illusion that most of us addressed that certain something as Love?
For me, love is not exactly a feeling, love is something else, certainly not a person because of obvious reasons, not really an object, it is certainly an abstract, you can't touch it, but you can feel it inside.
You cant explain that feeling, really. It is so soothing like a hot chocolate in the winter, a warm blanket in a stormy weather, something like that, you get the idea.

I have a theory about love, Love is not a feeling, not like the others, sadness, happy, sombre, content and etc. It is a mixture of feelings, you have to mix and match all of the basic feelings and then, poof the feeling of Love is born. We, humans, are too busy searching for Love, the perfect article of Love, you cant find Love anywhere with that kind of approach, you need to find each and every one of the required feelings just to find Love, and yes it is not that easy.

You see, each and everyone of us loves different kind of feelings. For instance, some of us treasure the feeling of being wanted, while some of us don't, some of us treasure solitude, while some of us treasure companionship. You have to find the one that fits you, the one that makes you feel every feelings that you love when you look at them, when you hold them in you arms, when you hear her or his voice, everything.

Love is weird and mysterious, love can be transitioned into hate with a single twist, or even a word, it is that simple. Love can be your only source of energy, just because you are one clingy son of a peach that needs attention more than anything, clingy is good tho, dont get me wrong. Love can be your life savior, he or she may be your knight in shiny armor or a woman that knows one or two martial arts that can carry your ass wherever you go. Love can be both dangerous and harmless, you have to choose which one that you have to hurt, either you or your other half, there's no such thing as a win-win situation, or you both can be harmless by being passive such as respecting and obeying one another which is a myth that no one has ever seen.

The search for love is a never-ending quest, the moment when you feel like yielding is the moment where somebody else will enter your life, he or she might be the one, or maybe not, you have the option to ignore or to entertain, choose wisely.

Sebenarnya nak study tetiba pulak terbukak blogger then post pasal binatang ni, bodoh betul.
Till then.

Aug 16, 2014


A great great piece by Yunalis Zarai from her long lost blogspot, there are newer things that she wrote on her tumblr tho but this right here is da tits yo. I should write something like this sooner or later, a summary of my short love life, without mentioning the names of course or not.
Still writing my own short story tho, the end is nowhere near so it is a bit time consuming to finish up the short story in time or in a short while. Time will tell I guess. It is full of grammatical errors tho because you just dont give a fuck on grammar when you're writing a piece with all your heart and soul.
Takda lah gelabah benor nak semangat tulis sampai all my heart and soul, gitu gitu je cukup ah.
Well, here's Yuna's 100th post from way back 16 April 2010, old but gold.

100. (i think?)
If Love was a person, how do you think he or she would be like? maybe, he(or she, whatever tickles your fancy) likes to eat Thai food. Or watch the E! news. Maybe he likes talking on the phone, or not, maybe he's a texting kinda guy, maybe he likes taking a walk at night. He could be good looking, this, really hot guy who looks like Ashton Kutcher, breaking hearts and faces, a total douche, really mean. Shows no mercy and only cares about himself, maybe he's a rockstar with drug problems. Or maybe he's the total opposite. He could be as cute and dorky as Micheal Cera. Maybe Love is a dork! and nothing more! Sweet. Always nice to you. Who tells you that everythings gonna be okay. Shows up randomly at your place with pepperoni pizza and and a really good DVD. Who holds your face and look into your your eyes like he will never leave you. I've known Love since i was six. I went to school and I had my first encounter with a boy. He was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I swear. And I remember for the first time, i could feel my heart beating so fast. Little that I know that for the next 20 years, I will get that from time to time. That heart-beating-out of the chest thing. We had to make a kite for art class that day, and I didnt have a glue with me, so I gathered all my confidence, and asked him if i could use his glue. and he said "ambik la." which simply means "take it". The very juicy glue-borrowing flirting went on for a few years.. We would walk pass each other, and I would pretend that I dont care. Everytime he does that my heart skips a beat. And out of the 5 years we were in school together, all i got from him was a smile. One smile. Really. Love can be cute as a button. Fast forward. I turned 19. I met a guy and immediately fell in love with him because he liked rock music, my photography skills (I hope so. Maybe he was just being nice, but I'd like to think I had sick photography skills) and he smelled really nice. We were in love for about 2 months, and he decided that he can't get over his ex-girlfriend. I asked him if he loves me, and he said "No." But hey. At least it was fun while it lasted, right? Love, my friends, can be short-lived and sweet. Hes married now. But not to the girl he left me for. Then, shortly after that,one lead me to believe that everything was beautiful at first. We held each other's hands when we felt insecure. Made me leave a perfectly happy relationship. I gave him the world. He injected my boring life with unnecessary drama and heartaches. And then dumped me. And then you learn something new. OMG THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT EVERYTHING YOU KNEW WAS JUST A LIE. You could be Truman of the Truman Show. Love can be a psycho,5 minute short film involving chainsaws with ok-looking actors with amateurish acting skills. Or this really disturbing human rights violation video you watched on Youtube showing kids getting shot in a war-zone. Short. But it will haunt you forever. So how do you think Love would be like if he was just a guy. Maybe he enjoys smoking after meals. Or smokes weed occasionally. Maybe, he shoplifts for fun. Maybe he's a father of 3 kids. Maybe he has 3 wives. Maybe he's a Muslim who's in love with a Jewish girl. Maybe he's looking for a roommate to share his apartment with. Maybe he collects Star Wars toys. Maybe he's a straight fashion designer. Maybe he rides a fixed gear. Maybe he's dating a celebrity. Maybe he's a guy who digs older women. Maybe he's just young and confused and doesn't know what he wants. Maybe he doesn't want to get hurt being in love with someone. Maybe just like you, he wonders what would Love be like if she was just a girl?

Aug 5, 2014

Blue Sands

Its been quite a while now since the last post, been busy working and studying for the past year.
Well, here it is! The post that most of you are waiting for!
Most of you are a bit exaggerating, maybe you or a bunch of google addicts that found my blog just by searching about random things that may included in your search results are the only ones that are here, or is here. Nevermind.
What should we talk about for now?
Hmmmm, the title "Blue Sands" is from Yuna's long lost EP or Demo which released in god-knows-when, its been around for years now and my favorite one too.

I don't know, this song hits me much much more than other songs do, it is so strong till I miss someone that doesn't even exist in my life, explain that.
And not to forget Deeper Conversation, that shit gets me high, higher than Wizzy or Snoopy, it just somehow carries me into a different world, a floating world to be exact, I can't explain that in words, it just happens, every single time!

The phrase "I miss someone that doesn't even exist in my life" is true, somehow I miss the emptiness somewhere in myself, that missing puzzle piece in my life or heart I don't know.
Everytime I listen to these two songs I just became, empty.
Empty, just empty, no other additional feelings.
It feels good tho, feels like I'm immortal or something just because I can be a feeling-less person for around 3 mins plus.
Sometimes, I can imagine how would the person missing in my life looks like, no Im not high, seriously.
A bit tall, a shy shy-cat kinda person, a good cook, a beautiful thinker (thinks about beautiful things duh), LOVE CATS, I don't know, something like that I suppose.
Single is freaking good, I've seen my friends a bit depressed about their love life here and there and then here I am, holding a cigarette between my lungs just chillin because there's nothing to be afraid of or to be taken care of.
I mean, yes there are something that needs to be done but none of it disrupt me most than comforting the so-called the love of my life.
Sheesh, I aint got no time fo dat.
Disrupt is not the suitable description for that, it is something else, can't find the right words for that so move along now.

Right, now.
So, that's it I guess.

Nope, still going, 3.37 a.m now, need to end this asap.
Right, continue.
I don't know is the most common answer that I can acquire for now, because, I don't know.
See what I mean?
I don't know about my surroundings, the people, the observers, the disrupt-er, the judge, the jury, the whole world.
I just can't give a fuck about most of the things happened around me, because, I don't know.
The answer is still the same, I don't know.
My journal is untouched for a month now, nearly two months just because there's nothing extraordinary happened lately, there is something but it is not worth the ink to write in the journal.
So, here I am, on my public journal.
My private journal consist of the secret life of me, the launch codes of nuclear missiles of Malaysia, the recipe for the KFC chicken and you.
Nah just kidding, there's no "You" in my journal, the others are true tho.
What am I saying.
Well, off to bed now.
Got to get to work around 2 p.m tomorrow.
Chop chop.
See you soon.

Feb 11, 2013

Time flies by

Assalamualaikummm, kum apa combat, bat apa batman, man apa mentol, tol apa tolak , lak apa lak amenda pulak aku mengarut ni.
Hellooooooooo guysssss *echoes
So, nampaknya takde orang dah yang melawat blog ni ye, tambahan pula penulis blog ni iaitu saya, Muhammad Safiuddin bin Ismail, sudah kekeringan idea dan sibuk dengan kehidupan seharian untuk login blogger, jadi harini aku try luangkan masa sedikit untuk post satu entry yang bertajuk "masa terbang dari"

Soooo, it's Feb 2013 people...... wait a minuteeeee it's 2013 already?!
And it's February? Whut kind of sorcery is this?
Sighhh, you see boys and girls, when you grow older, time flies by pretty fast, I mean super fast, or dead fast, or anything that is fast, I don't know.
Rasa macam baru semalam habis SPM, rasa macam baru semalam naik bas Purnama/Porknama yang entah ape ape, rasa macam baru semalam duduk dalam Dewan Sultan Ismail jawab paper 3 Chemistry yang haram jadah punya susah tapi aku still dapat A.
1 tahun++ hilang macam tu je ditelan masa, aku kurang dari satu tahun dah sambung degree pulak dekat UIA Gombak InSyaAllah.
Rasa macam, rasa macam, rasa macam tak puas hidup ni, rasa macam banyak sangat benda yang aku nak buat tapi tak sempat.
Rasa macam banyak aku dah membazir masa buat benda yang tak perlu macam....... entah lah.
Kalau kita tau benda tuu membazir masa pun hujung-hujung kita buat kan?
Example, kemas bilik. Hang kemas seribu satu kali pun hujung hujung bersepah jugak bukan?
Jadi itu lah alasannya aku malas nak kemas bilik.
Ehem, back to the main topic

Feels like time flies by pretty quick these days, and the worst part is that I'm getting OLDER.
I repeat, OLDER.

"Don't be afraid of growing up even though you don't know or uncertain about your future or the future you"  Pudin

Tak salahkan quote diri sendiri?
Yes, growing is actually is a positive thing and it is unavoidable, but growing up sucksssss to the core doh.
The best thing about growing up is MARRIAGE.
But the question is, who's the bride-to-be? Who is willing to be my bride/queen for a day? No one? Okay.....
Ahhhh yes, the part to find "Jodoh" is also a real pain in the arse.
If someone tak berkenan dengan you, then you have to move on and find someone else even though it is not that easy, yes it is hard, trust me.

"People come and people go and people gonna come some more."  -  Yuna

People come and people go, people change, to a better version or worse, depends.
You just have to continue doing what you do best, hustle or go with the flow or force yourself to do something that you don't want to.
Hustle, hustle, hustle and hustle.
I must say that my life progress is not doing really good, things aren't getting any clearer, and again I just have to hustle.

Well, this is me, my face when I'm posting this entry.
Rare beb, bukan selalu aku post gambar aku.
Handsome? Terima kasih. Tak handsome? Sila tengok betul betul. Tak handsome jugak? Go to right top corner of your browser and click X, if Mac kiri kut? I don't know.
Well, this is the 19 y/o me. 

This is the 16 y/o me, the one with the light blue shirt (duhhh)
Damnnn I miss this trip to Tanjung Leman, first time jumpa budak Convent which is considered as heaven for a bunch of guys like us, yes, us.
Shit lah weh dah berair mata aku rindu punya pasal.

This is the 14 y/o me, first from the right.
Arghhhhhhhhhh I miss these guys, I miss my old boots - The Legen-waitforit-dary Adidas Acuna.
Great White at its finest.
Legends SSI batch 2007 - 2011, there are others but this is more than enough.
I miss those days.
Take care wherever you are brothers.

"Those who shed blood with me shall be my brothers." - Band of Brothers

Time, please, slow down.
I can't take this anymore, too fast for me, too fast for you too dear readers, if there is any reader.
Sigh forever sigh.
Time really flies by real quick.
And AGAIN, you just have to hustle.
I'm off to bed now, it's 5 bloody a.m. alreadyyyy.
Goodnight dear readers.
Goodnight world.

Dec 15, 2012

Those three words.

Sssup guys!
Minta maaf blog aku huru hara dan tak tersusun sebab aku kurang fasih dengan blogger baru ni.
Sooo, aku cuti start dari hari Rabu sampai lah Ahad so aku ambil kesempatan ini untuk balik ke JB dan jumpa orang tersayang.
Anywayyyy, aku nak mengarut hari ni, lantak lah hang nak baca ke tak itu hang punya pasal.
So I just finished watching the movie P.S I love you (2007) starring Gerard Butler as Gerry and Hilary Swank as Holly.

And I cried, weep-ed the whole 2 hours because the movie is just too sad for me to handle even though I'm a fully grown man and not to forget an awesome one too *whaddup
I mean, imagine someone you love, someone you really love somehow leave you and the ghost of him/her haunts you and they'll never go away for some period of time.
I'm trying to put myself in Holly's shoes and experience the thing myself and yes, that is when I started to weep.
Imagine, just imagine your future husband/wife or your parents died in front of you because of a disease and everyday you woke up feeling that they are still here, hugging you from the behind or preparing breakfast for you or even play guitars for you even though it makes no sense at all.
Oh and they'll leave some letters for you to keep steering you to the right path and at the very end of  each and every one of the letters there will be 

"P.S. I love you"

People around you will continue living their life and be happy and you still weep to sleep every freaking night.
You can't do anything about it and eventually, you'll find your way back by following his/her guidance from the letters.
I don't know why, but this movie actually hits me more than I think it would, I mean, all of my loved ones are healthy and still breathing till this very second but the question is, Why?
I don't really cry so easily when I'm watching movies but this movie somehow is the very exception of all the movie that I watched.
Maybe I'm missing someone? Nope
Maybe I'm missing the feeling to be loved? Perhaps
Maybe the person that I love walk away soooo easily out of my life? I don't know
I've move on. She's not in my mind and my life anymore,so why even bother thinking about someone you barely even care of, right?
At least she's happy with her own decision, I think.

A little update on my current situation, I actually had this crush on a girl from Intec.
A bit too fast to find a replacement I think? Nahhhhh 3 months of single life is long enough, aku rasa lah.
Well, she had such beautiful eyes (contact lenses? I don't know), cute(very), easy-going, friendly (but not too friendly), a gamer (FIFA 13 and NFSMW2 bro,whaddup!), knows how to cook (only 2 or 3 dishes,seems good enough for me),  car enthusiasts (The Porsche Panamera is her favorite, not a bad taste for a woman) and she loves football (Chelsea and Menyu though,why not ARSENAL?!!!)
She's taking accounts or business studies idk but InShaAllah will be going to USA next year, oh and she's wearing a hijab too which is a big deal for a guy like me.
She's perfect from my point of view but is she the one for me? I don't know.
She's in love with another guy though, but the guy is actually in love with someone else, which makes me in love with a woman that is in love with another guy that is in love with another woman and the chain goes on and on.
How twisted our love life can be, isn't?
You may end up loving someone's wife or even someone's fiance or even screw up someone's wedding by stealing the bride from the altar like Ted Mosby does.
The girl that I like probably didn't know that my blog even exist so, tulis lah dengan penuh semangat tanpa kebimbangan.
Well, I think I should stop here, its 3.40 a.m. and I'm still wide awake with my laptop and a song from OCK - Colours still playing on my earphones.
Goodnight owls!
Have a nice day ahead!

P.S. Those three words are? Guess what :)

Oct 23, 2012

Asia Pacific Edge Day !

Assalamualaikum and hello there!
A good day this is indeed!
So,hari ni aku nak cerita pasal Asia Pacific Edge Day yang berlangsung semalam dekat MCPA Hall,Jalan Maharajalela,Kuala Lumpur!

So this gig is all about celebrating the world Edge Day which held every 17 October every year,tapi 17th October kan tak cuti,so they hold the gig sampai 21st October baru diorang buat which is yesterday.
Edge Day is a day celebrated throughout the world,it is a day without intoxication which means Drug-free,Alcohol-free,Sex-free and Smoke-free day.
Straight Edge is a bunch of kids who choose to live positive and fuck all the negative things through their music,and I'm proud to say that I'm a Straight Edge,its been 3 years now since I've become an Edge,and yes,it is fun and easy!

This show is not an ordinary show that contains violent music and dancing,no.
It is actually a fundraising for the Transit shelter in Kg. Subang, "Pangsapuri Sri Purnama" for the kids there.They lived their daily life w/o basic needs like toys,clothing,shoes,books and computers.Some of em need money for Heart Operations and medical needs.Some of them even didn't go to schools cause of financial difficulties.

Second Combat sedang beraksi

People can bring their unwanted items to the show and give em to the organizer,they will send the donations after the show is over.
Mesti korang rasa aku tak donate bukan?
Aku donate beg UIA dan juga baju UIA sebab aku tak pakai pun beg dengan baju tuu,dah berhabuk dah pun atas locker,so better give em to the ones in need bukan?
Baik kan aku?
Aku ade jugak bagi Tee sehelai,aku jarang pakai jugak,so bagi je lah.
So this is the Drug Free Youth Association led by Ein from Second Combat
Click the above links to go to their respective pages.

Aku tak tau nama diorang,tapi Ein SC yang pakai topi biru yang comel-comel tuu.Hahahahah!Oh and btw,the chick back there is smoking hot!LULZ!

These people are what we need in society nowadays,not some people who talk too much but in the end they've done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in making the world a better place.
Why do the society steer away from us just because we are different?
This is a disease that infected our society since forever.
Society should stop judging and blaming the kids for no reason,at least we are fucking trying,what have YOU done?
Eh apebenda yang aku nak marah tetiba ni?

Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG) sedang beraksi

Hardcore is against racism,sexism,discrimination and everything that fucked up in life.
There's nothing negative about hardcore,some people say it's just a genre,but for us it is something more,it is our life,it's in our blood.
Ein dedicated his life for the hardcore scene,he's a straight edge and hate the fact that drugs are killing the youth of today slowly,he took the initiative to tubuhkan DFYA and began to distribute the registration form for the membership,aku tak tau the exact amount of memberships tapi ramai lah yang pasti.
Ein is truly an inspiration to all the people out there,there's only a number of people that willing to do what the people like Ein do to the society.
Much respect from me Ein,sorry tak tegur,segan.
Have Heart,a legendary band from US pun buat fundraising macam ni untuk persatuan ibu tunggal dekat US,show yang dia buat fundraising tuu lah last show diorang sebelum RIP.

Have Heart,the one and only.

Sampai di sini sajalah aku punya mengarut,kalau aku teruskan mengarut aku dah boleh buat Zine dah sebenarnya.
Oh and aku dapat release some steam lepas masuk show ni,hilang sikit tekanan hidup.
Okay,have a nice day people!
Stay drug free,smoke free and alcohol free!
Happy Edge Day to the SxE out there!
X fists up!

Oct 16, 2012

The dark side of relationships

Its 4.00 a.m. in the morning and aku still tak tidur.
Ya,aku jadi burung hantu hanya sebab nak cari cara nak tarik balik followers.
Where are you dear followers?100+ pageviews only....
Back in the days,500 pageviews petik jari untuk blog aku,sekarang........SEDIH
Ahhhh mampus ade readers ke takde,I just love to express my feelings and thoughts on my blog cause there's no other place for me to share with!
Forever alone?No,I call it the pleasure of being alone or solitude.
Did I mention that I do things faster IF I work alone?
I'm not really a "jom study sama-sama" guy,I'm better off alone.
Waittt a minuteeee,this is not the topic!
The topic for today or should I say dawn is,

"The dark side of relationships"

If you are one of my readers sejak azali,you will know that I've posted a post about me,agreed that being in a relationship is better,and now I realized that I was wrong,DEAD WRONG
Here's my opinion for those who are wondering.

1 : Heartbroken
Kalau dalam relationship,for sure lah beb korang akan gaduh dalam satu-satu masa atas sebab-sebab tertentu.
Kalau bergaduh mestilah sakit hati bukan?Lagi sakit hati kalau pergaduhan berakhir dengan breakups bukan?Lagi gila babi punya sakit kalau korang dapat tahu partner korang dah suka orang lain bukan?
To avoid these heartbreaking shits is easy,don't you ever dare to get into a relationship if you are not ready!
For the love of Allah,think before you make decisions!
Yes,maybe you guys think that

"Hekeleh mamat ni,dulu kemain suruh couple lah hape lah,sekarang?"
"Kau ni sebenarnya sedih ni baru lepas break ni pudin"
"Ini semua bughit!(kata-kata dari orang yang terasa)"

Ya,dulu aku agree sebab aku tak pernah terfikir the consequences if you are involved in a relationship.
Ya,aku memang sedih baru lepas break,sebab tuu aku datang blog ni balik.
Ya,mungkin ada orang terasa pasal post ni.
Getting in a relationship is a big deal,wake the fuck up!
Don't get into a relationship unless you are planning to spend the rest of your life with her/him.
Don't get into a relationship unless you really love that person and thinks that she/he is the one for you.

"Heartbreaks occur most when you love someone you are not suppose to"

The quote taken from definition of heartbroken in
Relationship is not a game,its a vow,a vow between two humans to take care,comfort and love each other.
Don't fall too easy to people whether it is a girl or a boy depends on your sex of course.
Don't fall too hard for your loves ones!Trust me,I know.
Sweet words and promises can't guarantee you a happy relationship,at all.
If you guys are heartbroken right now,you are not alone.
Tee hee!

2 : Unfriend
Unfriend(I can't find the most appropriate term for "tak kawan lagi" in english),the second most horrifying thing if you are in a relationship.
Today you are the most important person for someone and then the next day you are a stranger,with memories.
For me,I don't really believe friendship after a breakup because friend-ing with people equals to giving a fuck about their life and I'm not that kind of person who cares about my ex,this is my way to move on,nothing more nothing less.
Ya memang kejam,tapi nak buat macam mana?
Kalau kawan,kau akan nampak ex kau happy,ketawa sedangkan kau masih terfikir pasal kenangan dulu.
Ape kejadahnye weh?
So,move on!Leave her/him and start a new life and take your ex-es as a life-long lesson.
For sure most of you guys cakap

"Damai je lah,relationship dengan kawan kan beza"
"Ape benda pemikiran kau ni?Sempit gila!"
"Suke hati kau lah,hati lain lain"

Ini bukan pemikiran sempit,ini sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga supaya tak jatuh hati dekat orang yang sama lagi sekali.
Damai itu telah dicapai,tapi kawan itu tidak ye adik adik.

Jadi itu jelah kut luahan hati aku yang aku tak puas hati pasal relationship.
This opinion is coming from a heartbroken man,depends if you want to read it or ignore it, I'm just expressing my feelings.
Oh and I stopped blogging for awhile cause I afraid that I will hurt her feelings with my opinions,butttt now her feelings are none of my concern anymore.
Remember,if you ever love someone more than anything,chase her/him,until her/his heart is taken by someone else.
Life is unfair,that's why we have illusions called dreams.
Goodnight brothers and sisters.
Have a nice day ahead!

p/s : I hope you are happy dear ex,no one can hurt you now.

Oct 15, 2012

Yo ho people!

Its been awhile since I godeh-godeh my blog.Sooooo,Im back to post some more random stuffs that is in my mind.
Are you guys happy with this comeback?No?Well then,okay......hahahhahah!
For those who are wondering aku dekat mana sekarang,aku sekarang dekat CFS International Islamic University Malaysia dan keputusan SPM aku ialah 7A 2B.
Agak memberangsangkan bukan untuk lelaki yang bebal macam aku?
Okay now,this comeback will begin with a post mainly about CFS IIUM

Well,overall,this place is okay lah despite being a CFS.
Aku ingat CFS ni tempat memang hampir ceruk-ceruk hutan and then aku fikir balik,Petaling Jaya ade ke hutan?
Rupa-rupanya CFS ni betul betul tengah bandar,cuma susah nak detect sebab overshadowed by University Malaya that is our neighbor.
There are 5 blocks of Mahallah or in other words,tempat tidur,consist of Mahallah Umar Al-Khattab (My Mahallah and probably the best).Mahallah Fatimah Azzaharah (Mahallah Arep mok dollah),Mahallah Abu Bakar (Mahallah Fariz Rafar), Mahallah Khadijah (Mahallah Zizie and Emila),Mahallah Aisyah and Mahallah Zainab.
As you can see,the field is also gratis dan sedap kalau main slide-slide,but don't be fooled by this picture!
The real thing is sangat menyedihkan sebab under construction,but still can play rugby and all.
The futsal court is the real deal siaaa,very puas hati but have to wait around 30 minit baru dapat peluang nak main,MACAM SIAL.

Front view of Al-Malik Faisal Hall

You know what is the main let down here in CFS?
We HAVE to learn arabic in order to lanjutkan pelajaran ke Degree,if not,sampai mangkat lah anda di sini ye.
Arab is not that hard,really.I mean,yeah it is hard,but maybe it is just me?
Arab is a simple but a bit complicated because arabics have the "he" and "she" words,which means more words that you have to remember and understand!
But once mastered,it is fun to talk with each other using arabics,for example...

"Zakarun Abuka"
"Ana wasim wa qawiyun"

"Zakarun abuka" bermaksud buto pak hang dan "Ana wasim wa qawiyun" bermaksud Saya kacak dan tough.
Seronokkan belajar arab?Ni lah yang aku belajar satu sem dekat sini.
Dah nak satu sem dah aku dekat CFS IIUM ni,rasa macam baru semalam amik keputusan SPM.
Bagi adik-adik yang nak ambik SPM lagi 2-3 minggu,belajar lah baik baik,push habis habis last minute ni,minta maaf dekat semua cikgu dengan kawan.
SPM datang sekali,tapi boleh repeat tapi jangan lah membazir masa ye dok?
Teruskan belajar ye adik-adik,jangan mengalah.
Kalau dapat 6a kebawah,mohon je UIA,confirm sangkut,tak ramai yang mohon UIA sebab tak ramai yang minat arab,kalau terdesak mohon lah ye.
Mesti korang kata,

"Dah satu sem baru nak update,amende lah kau ni"
"Aik.baru nak update?Asal tak tutup je blog?"
"Muka kau 7A?Pusimak!"

Sabar ye,sabar,aku takda masa sangat dekat UIA ni plus ade masalah tapi masalah sudah pun selesai.
Did I mention that Im single now?
Yes I'm single!Why?I don't know,maybe she's not the one for me?
Kalau ade jodoh ade lah,ye dok?
Berserah lah pada Allah S.W.T, he knows what's best for me.
The next post will be about single people!Handsome,good-looking guys and what they've achieved and also single!
Be alert sisters or girls or moms or mak guard or makcik.
It feels good to be back!Even though my readers are gone with the wind.....
Anyway,finals is just around the corner!
Have to baca buku Computer and Physics!
Adios amigos!
Ma'ngasalama which means jumpa lagi in arabic!
Have a good day lads! 

Feb 14, 2012


After for about 1 year using the same old dull good for nothing header,now I present you.....
*drum roll*
*drum roll*
*spotlight flickering*
*people cheering*
*birds chirping*
*pig snorting*
Le new header!

Yup,aku tau header baru ni awesome.
For about 1 hour je dapat buat macam ni,kira okay lah.
Korang perasan tak dekat huruf M dengan E dekat AWESOME tuu gambar aku?Sebab M dengan E bercantum akan menjadi ME which is aku.
Awesome an?
Sorry for abandoning this blog for almost 1 month,Im an employed man right now.
So,dun have much time to type and all.
Oh and Im working at N&Z Skateshop in Plaza Angsana Johor Bahru.
If you have problem/s with your skateboard,then come lah,I give you the best price I can give,tuu pun kalau aku kenal kau lah.
Oh well havta hit the sack now.
Esok kerja pagi dowh!
If I have extra time then I will update this blog ASAP.
Cheers and Happy Valentine's Day for whoever that celebrates the Saint Valentino's day.

Dec 12, 2011

Is Najwa Latif the new Yuna?

Okay malam ni let's talk about Najwa Latif iaitu seorang artis berumur 16 tahun yang popular dari video-video dekat Utiup!

So tajuk kita hari ni ialah adakah Najwa Latif the new Yunalis Mat Zarai?
The answer is no and yes.
Why no and why yes?
Okay aku akan terang kan satu per satu kejap lagi

1 : The No
Based on pemerhatian aku,lagu-lagu Najwa Latif agak memboringkan dan pointless berbanding lagu Yuna yang bapak awesome nak mampus sial.
Tapi suara Najwa Latif ni agak power bagi budak yang berumur 16 tahun.
Kenape aku cakap lagu Najwa Latif ni pointless dan memboringkan?
Ambik je contoh lagu "Cinta Muka Buku".
Lagu tuu rhythm dia agak okay lah tapi lyrics dia yang panjang nak mangkat buat aku jadi jemu lepas dengar lama-lama.
Kalau seminit dua boleh lagi,ni dah masuk 4 minit dengar benda yg sama,panjang pulak tuu.
Aku sampai sekarang tak faham ape maksud sebenar lagu tuu.

Okay dari segi style pulak,dua-dua style lawa lah dan pandai mengayakan diri masing-masing tapi siape yang boleh lawan the creator of the belit-belit Hijab iaitu Yuna!
*menjerit nama Yuna*
Yuna is truly the awesomest!
Aku tak tau ayat "awesomest" ni wujud ke tak tapi pergi mampus aku peduli apa.

2 : The Yes
The reason kenape aku cakap yes sebab Najwa Latif ni berpotensi nak jadi sorang artis yang lagi hebat dari Yuna sebab dalam umur yang agak setahun jagung dah dapat main dekat mainstream sedangkan Yuna ambik masa lama gila nak jadi famous dan dapat menembusi mainstream.

Lagipun nanti makin lama Yuna makin tua,dah kahwin dengan Qi ape semua nanti tak boleh nyanyi lagi,time tuu lah Najwa Latif ni menyinar.
Lagu lama yang direkodkan balik yg bertajuk Carta Hati daripada Najwa Latif ni pun best jugak.
Try lah download dekat sini
Oh lupe pulak,esok Yuna launch album baru,so aku antara yang tak sabar nak grab satu.
Konklusinya,Najwa Latif mungkin tak boleh mengantikan Yuna di hati aku tapi still boleh jadi seseorang yang sama level dengan Yuna.
Lagipun dia ni orang Johor,mesti lah power!
Okay aku akan akhiri post ni dengan video lagu "Cinta Muka Bulu".


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