Oct 16, 2012

The dark side of relationships

Its 4.00 a.m. in the morning and aku still tak tidur.
Ya,aku jadi burung hantu hanya sebab nak cari cara nak tarik balik followers.
Where are you dear followers?100+ pageviews only....
Back in the days,500 pageviews petik jari untuk blog aku,sekarang........SEDIH
Ahhhh mampus ade readers ke takde,I just love to express my feelings and thoughts on my blog cause there's no other place for me to share with!
Forever alone?No,I call it the pleasure of being alone or solitude.
Did I mention that I do things faster IF I work alone?
I'm not really a "jom study sama-sama" guy,I'm better off alone.
Waittt a minuteeee,this is not the topic!
The topic for today or should I say dawn is,

"The dark side of relationships"

If you are one of my readers sejak azali,you will know that I've posted a post about me,agreed that being in a relationship is better,and now I realized that I was wrong,DEAD WRONG
Here's my opinion for those who are wondering.

1 : Heartbroken
Kalau dalam relationship,for sure lah beb korang akan gaduh dalam satu-satu masa atas sebab-sebab tertentu.
Kalau bergaduh mestilah sakit hati bukan?Lagi sakit hati kalau pergaduhan berakhir dengan breakups bukan?Lagi gila babi punya sakit kalau korang dapat tahu partner korang dah suka orang lain bukan?
To avoid these heartbreaking shits is easy,don't you ever dare to get into a relationship if you are not ready!
For the love of Allah,think before you make decisions!
Yes,maybe you guys think that

"Hekeleh mamat ni,dulu kemain suruh couple lah hape lah,sekarang?"
"Kau ni sebenarnya sedih ni baru lepas break ni pudin"
"Ini semua bughit!(kata-kata dari orang yang terasa)"

Ya,dulu aku agree sebab aku tak pernah terfikir the consequences if you are involved in a relationship.
Ya,aku memang sedih baru lepas break,sebab tuu aku datang blog ni balik.
Ya,mungkin ada orang terasa pasal post ni.
Getting in a relationship is a big deal,wake the fuck up!
Don't get into a relationship unless you are planning to spend the rest of your life with her/him.
Don't get into a relationship unless you really love that person and thinks that she/he is the one for you.

"Heartbreaks occur most when you love someone you are not suppose to"

The quote taken from definition of heartbroken in urbandictionary.com
Relationship is not a game,its a vow,a vow between two humans to take care,comfort and love each other.
Don't fall too easy to people whether it is a girl or a boy depends on your sex of course.
Don't fall too hard for your loves ones!Trust me,I know.
Sweet words and promises can't guarantee you a happy relationship,at all.
If you guys are heartbroken right now,you are not alone.
Tee hee!

2 : Unfriend
Unfriend(I can't find the most appropriate term for "tak kawan lagi" in english),the second most horrifying thing if you are in a relationship.
Today you are the most important person for someone and then the next day you are a stranger,with memories.
For me,I don't really believe friendship after a breakup because friend-ing with people equals to giving a fuck about their life and I'm not that kind of person who cares about my ex,this is my way to move on,nothing more nothing less.
Ya memang kejam,tapi nak buat macam mana?
Kalau kawan,kau akan nampak ex kau happy,ketawa sedangkan kau masih terfikir pasal kenangan dulu.
Ape kejadahnye weh?
So,move on!Leave her/him and start a new life and take your ex-es as a life-long lesson.
For sure most of you guys cakap

"Damai je lah,relationship dengan kawan kan beza"
"Ape benda pemikiran kau ni?Sempit gila!"
"Suke hati kau lah,hati lain lain"

Ini bukan pemikiran sempit,ini sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga supaya tak jatuh hati dekat orang yang sama lagi sekali.
Damai itu telah dicapai,tapi kawan itu tidak ye adik adik.

Jadi itu jelah kut luahan hati aku yang aku tak puas hati pasal relationship.
This opinion is coming from a heartbroken man,depends if you want to read it or ignore it, I'm just expressing my feelings.
Oh and I stopped blogging for awhile cause I afraid that I will hurt her feelings with my opinions,butttt now her feelings are none of my concern anymore.
Remember,if you ever love someone more than anything,chase her/him,until her/his heart is taken by someone else.
Life is unfair,that's why we have illusions called dreams.
Goodnight brothers and sisters.
Have a nice day ahead!

p/s : I hope you are happy dear ex,no one can hurt you now.

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