Feb 14, 2012


After for about 1 year using the same old dull good for nothing header,now I present you.....
*drum roll*
*drum roll*
*spotlight flickering*
*people cheering*
*birds chirping*
*pig snorting*
Le new header!

Yup,aku tau header baru ni awesome.
For about 1 hour je dapat buat macam ni,kira okay lah.
Korang perasan tak dekat huruf M dengan E dekat AWESOME tuu gambar aku?Sebab M dengan E bercantum akan menjadi ME which is aku.
Awesome an?
Sorry for abandoning this blog for almost 1 month,Im an employed man right now.
So,dun have much time to type and all.
Oh and Im working at N&Z Skateshop in Plaza Angsana Johor Bahru.
If you have problem/s with your skateboard,then come lah,I give you the best price I can give,tuu pun kalau aku kenal kau lah.
Oh well havta hit the sack now.
Esok kerja pagi dowh!
If I have extra time then I will update this blog ASAP.
Cheers and Happy Valentine's Day for whoever that celebrates the Saint Valentino's day.

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