Jun 25, 2011

Fiqa Liyana Chong FTW!

Lets talk about Feeqa!

Siapa dia ni?
New gf?
Dia ni the best female vlogger ive ever seen!
Dia ni dulu pernah masuk Malaysian Dream Girl,an online reality show untuk cari models.
Lebih kurang ANTM lah but Malaysian version.
She's a mixed Chinese with Melayu,that explain the chinese face and the melayu accent.

Here are some of her videos.
Warning : These videos may buat you guys go LOL or butthurt at the same time.So,beware.

1 : Handbags and boyfriends

This video cerita pasal a woman,suruh a guy hold her handbag when the woman is busy doing something at everywhere.
Well,aku tak tau nak cerita mcm mana,just enjoy!
This vid dia tengah tak berapa nak syok,ye lah first vid lah kate kan.
Anyone notice that her hair is red?!
Sexy kannnn?!

2 : Cultures and language

This vid agak berdekak.
Cerita pasal malaysians' cultures and slangs.
Must see!

3 : Malaysian Traffic and Drivers

This video cerita pasal TEKANNN!.
Tekan ape?
Tekan minyak lah,the minyak at the cars,pedal minyak dekat kereta,accelerate or anything that fancy you guys.
She also cakap dont give a fuck about the Singaporeans cars!
Just tekan and dont give way to em!

4 : Sexy?

This is the best of the best!
Tak faham?
Tengok lah!
For the girls SANGAT digalakkan tengok!
This is my fav!
Bedekak gilaaaa,bagi yang betul betul faham english lah.
Aku tak nak jadi spoiler,so enjoy!
And now rambut dia orange!

5 : Retails,restaurants and customers

And again,PAAAA!!!
And now,her hair is purpleeeeeee!
Sexay kan kan?
This vid pasal pengalaman dia dekat restaurant and boutique.
And again,PAAAAA!

I cant berhenti ketawa sial tengok vid dia.
Honestly,aku tengok vid dia sebab dia sexay,cantik,hot and funnehhhh.
Tak rugi tengok!
Korang kena faham english,i mean betul betul faham baru syok tengok!!

Last words : PAAAAAA!! hahahhahahaha

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